What if the goal of our existence was to dream?

"Fill it all with color and noise, as a way to combat an intimate terror of emptiness, silence, and the grimace of the sky."

(Salvo el poder, Ernesto Escobar Olloa)

They promised us happiness, money, work, a stable life, dignity... We dreamed our lives with those promises and in the end, from all they promised us, there was nothing left and we ended up facing an overloaded, disappointing, alienating reality, in which we wandered the streets, people and stories... We lost hope and now, we only have to keep dreaming.

To keep dreaming and to build other worlds: non-existent micro-worlds, born from the superimposition of images of our daily life and from virtual reality, micro-worlds in which to create a refuge and to be free as long as it takes a soap bubble to burst.

Micro-worlds of possibilities in which to stand, watch, play, laugh, believe... and continue to dream in order to be free.