Ismaël Guye Sancho (Switzerland, 1989)

I've always been a dreamer. When I was a child I preferred to stay at home to draw, read, play, travel through worlds and fantastic stories and on Saturdays I would get up early to go to painting classes.

At the age of 20, after years of drawing and painting classes, I decided to study Fine Arts and after graduating, I have taken specialization courses in Photojournalism, Documentary Photography, Illustration and Architecture.

Now I know that those years of transforming the everyday into a world of adventure are what led me to become interested in how we live our daily lives: from the spaces we pass through to the dreams that make us wake up every morning or the fears that lurk under our pillows. The importance of telling our stories.

At a professional level, I have more than 4 years of experience in creative processes: I have worked as a freelance photojournalist for Spanish newspapers, as well as an illustrator in European R&D projects and for companies all over the world. I have developed documentary projects and I have also been involved in all phases of visual creation: from character design to editorial and offline design.

I love the everyday: the smell of wet earth and cut grass, the reflections from the front window, watching the sunrise, the sea, swimming and, above all, learning.

That's why I haven't stopped studying and am currently following online training in Motion Graphics and UX.



* Bonus track: I speak English, Spanish, Catalan and French fluently


  • "Homeless: not to be, not to belong" - GodArt Lab (2017)
  • "Homeless: not being, not belonging" - Dodho Magazine (2017)
  • Regular publications in La Directa and occasional publications in Diari Jornada and Diagonal.


  • Harry Scott
  • Petit Salty Sweet
  • La Terreta: drinks and Mossos


  • 2nd Prize Scientific Illustration in the I Contest of Scientific Illustration of the UMA (Malaga; 2019).
  • Collective exhibition of illustration "Con C de Casa" (Segovia; 2019)
  • Collective exhibition Stripart 18' (Barcelona; 2018).
  • Individual exhibition at the Outono Fotográfico 2017 (Ourense; 2017).
  • Individual exhibition at the Photogènic Festival (Barcelona; 2017).
  • Artist participating in the XI Miami New Media Festival (Miami; 2017).
  • Collective exhibition Guerrilla Gallery (SANfest 2017 - New Baztan 2017).
  • Group exhibition Stripart 17' (Barcelona; 2017).
  • Individual exhibition at the V Festival Mirades (Torroella de Montgrí; 2017).
  • Selected for the SCANOFF projections (Tarragona; 2016).
  • Finalist in the 4th edition of VISIONS Festival (A Coruña; 2016).
  • Collective exhibition Stripart 16' (Barcelona; 2016).
  • Projections by Santander Photo (Santander; 2016).
  • Selected for PHE Discovery Week 2016 (Madrid; 2016).
  • Selected for the PhotoAlicante 2016 Viewings (Alicante; 2016).